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Weekly Craft Classes for Kids ages 6 and up 

Weekly kids classes, Homeschool classes,  Ladies nights, and Mommy & Me(or daddy and me, grandma/pa and me, etc) classes will be on calendar to sign up.  Birthday parties and Womens groups are available upon request and Calendar availability! Weekly classes can purchased as a single TRY ME class(one time only), 2 classes or 4 class bundles to save! Or if you ae with a charter school, see if we are a vendor on that page, and use school funds!


Come let your children ages 6 and up enjoy some fun arts and crafts while making new friends each week. Its a two step process to get them enrolled- first, buy your package of 1, 2 or 4 classes and then go to calendar and pick your dates! We are open most of the year including some holidays! We teach in environment that there are no mistakes, just accidents that are turned into something way better!

Also be sure to check out Charter School partnerships!

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For the older kids, 9 and up, we will be working with resin and creating bookmarks, journal covers, games and many more things throughout the year. You will see this on the calendar and I would urge your child to wear older clothing even though we provide aprons and gloves! This is a project that will be a leave behind and pick up the next week, as it takes 24 hours to dry. Not every class will include resin, when you book a session of classes, resin may be included in one of the weeks but not guaranteed.

Drawing & Painting

Watercolor, chalk painting, acrylic painting, paint pouring, and many other techniques will be introduced for weekly projects. We will also do some decoupage, sanding, staining and aging on various different crafts. There are no specific classes, but different types of art in each class- there is not a painting only class- but we will do painting often!


Chalking with stencils

This is great for kids and adults- this will be a main project for ladies night and womens groups! Who doesnt love to make signs for their home and they come out perfectly thanks to the stencil! T shirts and hats can be made with the same stencil and permanent ink! Everyone can add their own unique spin to their piece of art. Kids craft classes will include these basics often but not weekly.

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