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About Us

My name is Heather Davison, and I have been in business based out of my home for the past three years. I got into teaching chalking / stenciling and after seeing how those of all ages can enjoy it, integrated kids into my home classes. I enjoy trying new things, and teaching kids how to use their imaginations, and reminding adults that we too have imagination! I love kids, and enjoy teaching kids and people of all ages how to make something old new, or how to re-purpose clearance items. Its more about fun, than strict guidelines, and mistakes are just happy accidents!

The Craft Room

It was a casual conversation and idea turned into reality when we decided upon this location. With Rio Valley Charter School, Impact Sports, and a new Escape room all in this building, we have many options for your kid to keep busy! We are located upstairs and utilize a lot of natural light while the days are longest, and will integrate fun lighting for unique projects when the days are short. We will be doing some projects outdoors as there is a large patio area in front of our suite, and are planning some fun competitions racing items we build, and paint! Parents are welcome to drop off and return for pick up (Its a 1.5 hour class, but I am not a daycare ;) , or sit out front with a coffee from Comal Coffee downstairs, or on one of our couches and enjoy seeing your kiddo create fun and interesting projects!

What Parents Say

My grandson enjoys painting projects and being around other kids while doing so. He doesn't like to do art at home but he loves these classes!

Jacki Mcqueen

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